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We have backed Smarter Diagnostics

Smarter Diagnostics is a team of scientists from the University of Warsaw. They utilise neural network technology to analyze magnetic resonance images. Their Smarter Achilles MRI tool will accelerate and facilitate the work of radiologists and is already being tested in several Polish orthopedic clinics.

Smarter Diagnostics is a spin-off originating from the University of Warsaw and led by Bartosz Borucki and Norbert Kapiński, Phd. Their tool uses artificial intelligence technology (deep neural networks) to analyze the images obtained during the ankle joint MRI. Using it, the doctor-radiologist receives objective support both at the level of detailed image analysis and when creating a report from the examination, which significantly speeds up his work.

The health service is struggling with the shortage of specialists, and this also applies to radiologists. The purpose of our tool is not to replace their work, but to support the tedious process of analyzing MRI images and the time-consuming procedure of creating reports, while reducing the number of diagnostic errors.

Bartosz Borucki, CEO Smarter Diagnostics.

Smarter Achilles MRI was created at the Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical Modeling of the University of Warsaw (ICM) on the basis of many years of experience in computer-aided methods. However, only recently Bartosz Borucki, head of the Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis Team in Medical Diagnostics at ICM, and Norbert Kapiński PhD, an expert in the field of artificial intelligence and machine vision, have been able to develop it to a level where it can be – for the time being a pilot – used in medical procedures.

It’s a matter of technology maturity and access to unique data that we can work with. The AI revolution has already made its way into our homes, mobile phones and social media, but the extensive use of artificial intelligence initially bypassed the medical community. This was understandable due to the stringent algorithm validation requirements and extensive regulatory processes in this field. However, the dynamic development of technology has become a catalyst for changes, opening the door to the construction of widely validated solutions with high accuracy, which doctors are starting to trust and are more and more willing to become their users.

Norbert Kapiński Phd, CTO Smarter Diagnostics.

Currently, SmarterAchillesMRI is being piloted for doctors-radiologists in several orthopedic clinics, including Carolina Medical Center, Gamma Medical Center and MIRAI Clinic. However, radiologists specializing in musculoskeletal imaging support the project from an early stage.

Orthopedic imaging diagnostics supported by artificial intelligence is not only an improvement in our daily work. The tool is great for preventive monitoring of the condition of the tendons and helps to detect possible problems. It also enables the subsequent tracking of the treatment process, personalization of rehabilitation and treatment for a specific patient. Thanks to this, especially in sports medicine, it enables effective recovery.

Doctor of Medicine Beata Ciszkowska-Łysoń, radiologist at MIRAI Clinic and medical consultant at Smarter Diagnostics.

Smarter Diagnostics took their first steps as a spin-off company established at the University of Warsaw, in which minority shares were acquired by the special purpose vehicle of the University of Warsaw – UWRC sp. z o.o. wspierającą pracowników naukowych UW w komercjalizacji wyników pracy naukowej.

Before the investor arrived on board, the Smarter Diagnostics team took part in the Innovation Incubator 2.0 and the Academic Startup League. They also received the award of the Most Creative People in Business 2020 by the Brief magazine.
We have invested PLN 1.1 million in Smarter Diagnostics to help the company expand the team and develop the product.

Health care systems need greater efficiency in medical procedures and diagnostics, and we are looking for teams that effectively solve these challenges with technology. Rapid ankle diagnostics is just one of the applications of Smarter Diagnostics technology so far, we hope to further scale this project to new areas.

Łukasz Mańkowski, Managing Partner, Aligo VC