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Carein Dermosupplements with prestigious LNE Congress award

Carein, an innovative dermosupplement brand from our investment portfolio, is winning the hearts of cosmetologists and consumers. Thanks to its comprehensive and effective approach to skin care, one of its products, Acne Skin, was honored with the Innovation Grand Prize at the LNE Congress, the biggest cosmetic event of the year in Poland.

Dermosupplements are a new category of supplements. Their goal is to provide comprehensive skin care in such a way as to achieve visible and long-lasting results. Carein is a pioneer in the production of such products, and their high effectiveness is due to the application of knowledge and experience in the field of dietetics and cosmetology. Carein products are distinguished by complex and rich compositions, an unusual combination of vitamins, minerals and active ingredients. Carein joined the Aligo VC portfolio at the beginning of this year. We believe in the mission and rapid growth of a company creating innovative products in the field of dermatology.

Carein’s mission is to educate skin care professionals and create awareness of proper skin care, in which proper diet and supplementation play an important role, and to support the skin through cosmetological treatments. This is a direction that is strongly promoted by the brand and endorsed by experts and cosmetologists who use Carein products in their offices as an ideal complement to cosmetological treatments. The products are also recommended for people who do not regularly use cosmetological treatments, but who want to act as a preventive or response to skin changes.

The debut of Carein brand dermosupplements at the LNE Congress, the biggest cosmetic event of the year, was honored with the LNE Innovation Grand Prize for the Acne Skin product. This is a great honor and confirmation of the effectiveness of the product. The title “LNE Innovations” is awarded to products that set new directions in the beauty industry in Poland. The Acne Skin dermosupplement has received high marks from experts in raw material chemistry, biotechnology and modern technology. The Acne Skin formulation is gaining recognition in the cosmetology industry and is used as a therapy support for problematic skins.